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Welcome to Ndumberi Dairy Farmers Co-operative Society LTD.

Ndumberi dairy farmers Co-operative Society was formed on 12th February 1963 by a group of visionary small scale farmers in the then greater Ndumberi location, hence its name, at the location headquarters approximately 3km from Kiambu Town. Ndumberi location comprised of Ndumberi, Tinganga, Riabai and Kiambu Settled area, sub-locations though they have now been elevated to county wards. It is registered as Co-operative Society No. 936 and had an initial membership of 25 farmers in the first year which reached to 300 by 1970. The co-operative was created to support the marketing of dairy products from farmers of Kiambu Constituency. Currently, the Cooperative has 19 milk collection points with an average collection of 20,000 litres of milk per day. The distribution chain of our milk collectionis as follows, 50% is sold to Brookside, 25% to local customers and 25% goes to processing yoghurt under Winners brand flagship using modern technology that is automated machines from famous Belgium Packo Inox dairy machines therefore ensuring consistent quality throughout the value chain .
Our level of operation is guided by our Strategic business Plan which is to transform the livelihoods of our Farmers, members, suppliers, employees’ suppliers and the community at large. The society is focusing on the dairy value chain as the basis of strengthening the income potential for it’s members. This is done ensuring that the co-operative optimizes the economic potential of all its activities. These include the provision of the following economic activities:

• Producing value added products from the fresh milk collected from our members. This is done through the production of Winners Flavoured Yoghurt.

• Sourcing for lucrative markets for our members produce.

• Competitive and timely payment to our members.

• Fully serviced Agro vet Stores.

• Livestock vaccination and A.I services

• Facilitating Soil and animal feed testing.

• Promotion of members saving through establishment of a members’ own SACCO situated within the premises of the cooperative.

• Extension services to members on farm hygiene and husbandry

For the above activities to be possible the co-operative has engaged professional staff in different areas of Administration and Finance, Human resources, Production, information technology, Dispatch, stores, Marketing, Quality control and Extension Officers and A.I services.

Membership Base.

Ndumberi Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society Limited operational statistics:
Total registered membership: 5,235.
Active membership: 1,785.
Dormant members due to animal sales or not milk-wise productive, 3,450.

Governance system.
The structure of Ndumberi Dairy is crafted against the provisions of the Cooperative Act which provides the guiding framework of operation for all cooperatives in Kenya. The current Management was elected into office in 2008, and the society has experienced sustained growth in terms of assets, milk intake and members wealth. To achieve these, the Management Committee embraced good corporate governance and also mapped out a strategic plan for the Society. This was through the assistance and guidance of TechnoServe and observing strict monetary policies, investing in staff trainings, upgrade of information systems and improvement of agrovet stores .

  • Core values.
  • Honesty.
  • Intergrity.
  • Ethics.
  • Professionalism.
  • Dedication.
  • Efficiency & effectiveness.
  • Reliability.
  • Creativity & innovation.
  • Team work.